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Terms and Conditions of Entry

1. There is a maximum of 2 entries per category.
2. Each entry must be a single item of your own design and solely your own work (i.e., not using a kit or a pattern).
3. Each entry must have been made between February 2017 and January 2018.
4. Winning designs from other competitions may not be submitted.
5. If submitting more than one entry, each entry must showcase a different technique. Different size or colour is not enough to distinguish each exhibit. This also applies across the different categories.
6. Location and display of entries will be at the discretion of the Festival of Glass Committee.
7. All entries to the Awards Competition must be delivered to the Festival Expo venue between 12.00 and 3.00 pm on Sat 17th Feb 2018. Entry/ies made by post, must include return packaging and postage. Judging of Awards will occur on Saturday between 3.30 and 5.00 pm
8. Entrant’s name must be on the packaging but not on entry/ies.
9. A printout from Artcall must also be submited with each entry.
10. Unless free standing, all entry/ies must be submitted with items enabling them to be displayed e.g. stands, busts, etc.
11. All entry/ies must include a photo of the entry.
12. Entry/ies must not be more than 50cm in any dimension and must weigh less than 15 kilograms.
13. By submitting entry/ies, the artist certifies that the work entered is their sole and original work and their sole and unencumbered property.
14. Entrants are responsible for ensuring their entry/ies is free of copyright restrictions.
15. The copyright of each entry remains with its maker, but by entering the competition you grant licence for your entry to be photographed and used in Festival of Glass publicity and promotion.
16. The Festival of Glass Committee reserves the right not to display entry/ies that it deems unsuitable and will not discuss its decision verbally or in writing.
17. The Festival of Glass Committee will take every reasonable care with entry/ies but does not accept any responsibility for any damage or loss. Damage to or loss of any entry, however and whenever it occurs, is the entrant’s sole responsibility. Entrants are advised to insure their entry/ies against damage or loss.
18. Should an entry be available for sale and sold during the Festival Expo, the Festival of Glass Committee will take 10% commission of the sale price.
19. Access to Competition entry/ies is not permitted unless approved by the Awards Coordinator.
20. Entry/ies must be collected at the close of the Festival Expo.

The Festival of Glass Committee aims to display winning entries at local galleries. Should winning entrants agree to display their winning item/s, the Committee will cooperate with the gallery/ies to display and promote the winning item/s. It is the entrant’s responsibility to take their winning item to the gallery/ies, unless they agree other arrangements with the Festival of Glass committee.